Friday, October 30, 2009

Worth Another Listen - Deee-Lite


In 1986, Lady Miss Kier met DJ Dmitry, and they started working on music together. Soon thereafter, Towa Tei was added to the mix, and Deee-Lite was established. Prior to this, Lady Kier was working to establish herself in the fashion industry, and was active in the club scene, which is where she met Dmitry. As well as the musical partnership, they entered into a romantic one.


In 1990, they released World Clique, and their big style and their animated performances set them apart from the crowd, and sent them moving up the charts. The album went to #20 on the US charts, while the first single, Groove Is In The Heart, practically lived at #! on the Club charts, and scored #4 on the Billboard Hot 100.

Their second single was Power Of Love, which again topped the dance charts, but they never saw a single fly up the pop charts again. Far from one-hit-wonders, they had secured six #1 songs on the US Club charts, starting with Groove Is In The Heart, through to their last single, Call Me, in 1995, after the band had called it quits. In 1992, they scored a #1 with Runaway.

In many ways, I feel as though Lady Miss Kier paved the way for performers like Lady GaGa and Katie Perry to top the charts today. Lady Kier's outrageous sense of style, and bold and brash musical style, certainly were setting the trends, not following them. In 1994, Lady Kier and Dmitry ended their relationship, and the band were finished as well.

deeelite deeelite

Lady Kier disappeared for a while, living and working in the UK, and returned to the US a few years ago. She is rumored to be working on a new musical project, and has many fans on the edge of their seats while the rumors build. To find out more about Lady Miss Kier, go to here official website here or her MySpace page here.


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